All eye makeup brushes that are essential

A beholder of eyes sees the beauty with her eyes. The eyes of the beholder must also be attractive enough to attract beauty toward her. And to make sure eyes are attractive enough the beholder needs tools. The right tools ensure the job is done perfectly.

There is no shortage of eye makeup brushes and products that are available on the market. It depends on the user’s preferences regarding which and how many makeup brushes she needs for the eye makeup procedure. Some users need a few and some may need more.

We will discuss essential eye makeup brushes in this blog post. You will find these makeup brushes are basic for any eye makeup procedure. In addition, we will discuss what you need to know for buying eye makeup brush sets wholesale.

The parts of the eye that need makeup

Before we go deeper into the stuff, we want you to know what eye components a user can enhance through makeup. The eye makeup products are eye shadows that range from light to dark mattes. For eyelashes and eyebrows, a user needs mascara.


Eyelids are what fall down when you close your eyes. You will be amazed to know that a person on average blinks 14,400 to 19,200 times a day. To look attractive, a user obviously needs to apply makeup texture on the eyelids.


Eyelashes are the hair on the edges of the eyes. A user has to enhance the eyelashes through mascara to look more attractive.


Don’t you think that with dull eyebrows a user may not attract the crowd towards her? On the contrary, defined eyebrows work well and increase the beauty quotient.

Eye crease

Eye crease is the line formed around the eyelid. It starts from the one corner point of the eye and moves in an arc along with the eyelid to end at the second corner point of the eye. Makeup enthusiasts always highlight the eye crease and there are specific eye crease brushes for that.   

Transition area

It is the area between the eye crease and the eyebrow. It is crucial to apply eyeshadow here for any complete cosmetic procedure.

Some other areas

An eye makeup procedure stands incomplete without modifying the eyebrow bone, lower eyelash line, and the area below the eyes. (enhancing the lower eyelash line needs precision work)

Basic eye makeup brushes

It is perfectly normal to read a blog and see they have their own classification for basic eye makeup brushes that is different from ours. The thing is a user may need a few eye makeup brushes for the procedure. On the other hand, another user may demand a whole set of 20-piece eye makeup brushes set for her eye makeup.

Below are some eye makeup brushes that are basic and can be regarded as everyday essentials.

Flat Eye Shadow Brush

This brush is perfect for packing on eye shadow and getting a solid, even layer of color on the lid. It can also be used to create a precise cut crease. Flat eye shadow brush has a flat, dense head and firm bristles.

Blending Brush

A blending brush is a must-have for creating seamless, diffused eye makeup looks. It has a fluffy, dome-shaped head and soft, natural bristles, and is great for blending out harsh lines and creating a gradient effect.

Pencil Brush

A pencil brush has a pointed, tapered head and can be used for smudging out liner or applying shadow to the lower lash line and inner corner of the eye. It is also great for the precise placement of color in the crease.

Angled Brush

An angled brush has a slanted head and can be used for the precise application of liner or brow product. It can also apply shadow to the outer corner of the eye for a defined, winged look.

Flat Definer Brush

A flat definer brush is similar to a flat shadow brush, but it is smaller and has a more precise, pointed tip. It is perfect for applying shadow to the outer corner of the eye or for creating a precise, thin line of the liner.

Eyeliner brush

thin eyeliner brush

An eyeliner brush is a makeup brush used to apply eyeliner. It is typically thin and tapered, with a pointed tip that allows for precise application of the eyeliner.

Lash/Brow Comb

A lash and brow comb is a handy tool for separating and defining lashes and brows. It can be used to comb through and tame unruly brows or to separate clumped lashes after applying mascara.

Eye makeup brush set

The makeup brush industry is vast and expanding. To one’s delight, there is no overseeing authority that restricts design and evolution. This, on the other hand, puts pressure on suppliers and retailers to keep up with the market demand.

We have discussed so far the essential brushes that you need for your personalized eye makeup brush set. However, we can go above and beyond. You are always welcome to share your ideas and mockups. They will be always safe with us.

Eye makeup brush sets wholesale

We know that buying makeup brush sets wholesale is not easy. You need mockups and have to define materials to the suppliers before you request them to quote a price. In that case, we have cut things short for you. You can see our wholesale pro makeup brush sets in our catalog and all you will need is to send us your label designs.  

For personalized eye makeup brush sets wholesale order, you need to define the number of brushes with their types. You also have to specify materials. It is better if you get professional help to design mockups. (We welcome you if you need our designer’s assistance)

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