A retractable lip Brush – Excellent to carry without staining your belongings

One thing people worry about the most is their makeup brushes staining their belongings in their handbags. Therefore, cleaning the brushes well after use becomes imperative. But can you postpone the cleaning and carry the brush with you without staining anything in your travel kits? It will surprise you that a solution exists in the form of a retractable brush. This article discusses the retractable lip brush and how having one in your kit can prove advantageous.

The Retractable Lip Brush – The Structure

retractable lip brush

As the name suggests, this lip brush allows retracting the bristles by twisting the brush handle clockwise or anti-clockwise. In addition, this brush is encased in a hollow tube that allows the hairs to slip inside and keep them covered and protected when not used. So they are also known as lip brushes with a cover. So, once you retract the bristles and cover them, the lip brush looks like a pen that you can comfortably carry inside your handbag without fear of staining your bag’s contents.

· Different types of retractable lip brushes

Retractable lip brushes are available in different types. For example, they come with bamboo handles or plastic handles, allowing buyers to choose whichever they prefer. Compared to bamboo handles, the lip brush with plastic handles is cheaper and more convenient. Secondly, plastic retractable lib brushes are available in multiple colors. However, the bamboo handles are more durable and last longer.

· Synthetic hair Vs. Sable Hair brushes

The retractable lip brush comes equipped with synthetic hair or sable hair. Brush manufacturers offer both these facilities according to user preferences. However, buyers should note that sable hair brushes are more expensive than lip brushes with synthetic bristles.

The reason is that sable hair goes through an extensive manufacturing process that includes cleaning the hair, cutting it to the right size, and sterilizing it at various stages of production to prevent bacterial contamination. Besides, sable hair is scarce, whereas synthetic fiber suppliers are available in plenty.  

· Synthetic fibers – The current trend

Synthetic hair brushes do not require extensive sterilization because these fibers do not encourage bacterial contamination. But, professional makeup artists prefer sable hair brushes because they attract the correct quantity of makeup products and are convenient to apply. In addition, sable hair brushes are renowned for their softness. However, the current trends are more toward synthetic hair rather than animal hair because of increased awareness among users toward animal cruelty.

Disposable Lip Brush – Is it hygienically safe?

Cleaning your makeup brushes is crucial to enhance their longevity. Besides, using unclean brushes is unhygienic. Secondly, dirty brushes can stain your clothes and other belongings in your kit. Therefore, the best solution is to use disposable makeup brushes. The disposable lip brush with a plastic handle or bamboo handle is the most commonly used makeup tool in this category. However, the disposable lip brush need not have a retractable handle because you will not reuse it.

Where to find the best retractable lip brush?

Individual consumers can purchase retractable brushes online or at any cosmetic store. But wholesale buyers can order their requirements from us. Queen Brush offers an excellent range of regular lip brushes and retractable lip brushes based on buyer preferences.

We rank among the top-rated makeup brush manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale brushes throughout Asia and the US. We manufacture an extensive range of makeup brushes that can help with your makeup procedure and make you look your gorgeous best.

One of the crucial advantages of ordering your makeup brush requirements from us is that we offer personalization services at the most reasonable pricing. So, if you wish to have your private label lip brush, Queen Brush should be your destination.

Besides, our brushes are attractively priced. Since we have dedicated raw material suppliers, our turnover time is low. In addition, our state-of-the art factory is large and capable enough to manufacture makeup brushes in bulk quantities for our regular and new clients.

We request our buyers specify their demands clearly and well in time to avoid disappointment and delays. Ordering your requirements in bulk and specifying the intricacies, like brand name logo, brush color, quality, and quantity, when ordering the consignment is beneficial to buyers.

The advantages of a retractable lip brush

You know where to find the best retractable lip brush. Next, we will discuss the advantages of using this makeup tool.

  • The retractable lip brush is better than a regular lip brush because it is convenient to carry along in your makeup kit without damaging your belongings.
  • The retractable quality of this lip brush protects the bristles or the brush’s tip from dust contamination. Thus, you maintain proper cleanliness and do not contaminate your brush.
  • Retracting the brush tip inside the tube ensures that the makeup products sticking to it do not stain your other tools or damage your belongings.
  • You can conveniently carry the retractable lip brush as a pen.

Points to note when ordering retractable lip brushes

Wholesale buyers should note the following aspects when ordering retractable lip brushes.

  • Call for a sample and check the brush’s quality and functioning before ordering your requirements.
  • Ordering your consignment in bulk from the manufacturer is beneficial because it saves time and money.
  • Choose the reputed makeup brush manufacturers who follow the best hygiene processes to ensure high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Specify your requirements clearly, especially regarding color, quantity, type of bristles, structure, and brand logo printing.
  • Order your requirements after considering user demand. It helps maximize your profits.

Final Thoughts – Call to Action

This article discussed the various aspects of a retractable lip brush and the advantages of using these products. However, wholesale buyers should note that Queen Brush can cater to all your requirements and ensure the best quality makeup brush at the most reasonable pricing. So, if you wish to order your private label lip brush, you know whom to approach.  

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