8 points to note before ordering nail art brush wholesale

Nail art is a growing trend today, with almost every beautician offering these services. However, nail art differs from regular makeup procedures because it requires extraordinary detailing and precision. Therefore, nail art brushes differ from conventional makeup brushes in many ways. This article discusses the points that distributors and wholesale buyers should note when ordering nail art brush wholesale.

· Choosing a suitable nail art brush set is crucial.

Nail art brushes are generally available in sets, depending on the customer’s preferences. Similarly, cheap nail brush sets and expensive nail brush sets are also available for buyers to make a calculated choice. However, beginners do not need expensive nail art brushes, whereas experts prefer professional nail art brush sets. Therefore, selecting a suitable nail art brush set is crucial for every wholesale buyer.

· Know your nail art brushes better.

The nail art brush quality and pricing depend primarily on the types of bristles used in its manufacture. Synthetic fibers are common trends, whereas connoisseurs and perfectionists prefer kolinsky sable nail brushes any day. First, Kolinsky hair brushes are incredibly expensive because the raw material, kolinsky hair, is scarce and as expensive as gold. Secondly, the manufacturing costs are incredibly high. So, knowing your nail art brushes is crucial before ordering them wholesale.

· Go through multiple sample sets.

nail art brush wholesale

Nail art brush manufacturers share sample sets with their wholesale buyers. Since nail art brushes are unique, the manufacturers are ready to share multiple sets with their buyers, enabling them to make an informed decision. In contrast,

wholesale buyers must take advantage of multiple nail art brush samples and select the most appropriate sets for their customers. Accordingly, it helps them place the perfect order for nail art brush wholesale.

· Knowing the current trends is beneficial.

As you know, kolinsky nail art brushes are the most expensive. While high-quality synthetic fiber nail art brushes are available, they cannot match the quality of the kolinsky sable hair brushes, that is fulsome and have exceedingly aesthetic shapes with tapered tips. The current trends show that the ratio of synthetic fiber nail art brushes and kolinsky sable hair brushes is 7:3. Hence, knowing these trends is beneficial to place your order requirements appropriately.

· Place your orders in time and account for the lead times.

Nail art brush factories need more lead times for manufacturing and dispatching kolinsky nail art brushes to their wholesale buyers. While conventional makeup brushes require 30 to 35 days lead time for manufacture, kolinsky nail art brushes need more because of the more significant detailing that goes into its manufacturing process. Therefore, buyers should account for these lead time delays and order their nail art brush wholesale requirements in advance.

· Copper ferrules are sturdier than other metal ferrules.

While selecting suitable bristles is crucial, wholesale buyers should also be careful when choosing the ferrules. Therefore, it becomes vital to examine the samples closely. The ferrules play a crucial role in keeping the bristles intact. They hold them tightly to ensure there are no frayed edges. Copper is the sturdiest of all metal ferrules. However, some nail art brush manufacturers use aluminum ferrules. Though aluminum is less expensive, copper is preferable because of its sturdiness. It is thicker than aluminum and does not split on both sides in the compressed state.

· Wooden handles are good, but acrylic is also a good choice.

exquisite nail art brush

The handles should be long enough to give you a perfect grip, allowing you to paint your nails beautifully. Wooden handles are the common trend because of their flexibility and durability. At the same time, acrylic handles are also satisfactory because they are light and easily maneuverable. Besides, acrylic handles do not get moldy when exposed to water, liquids, and makeup products. Wooden handles can develop molds in a humid environment. Secondly, acrylic handles are available in multiple colors that add to the attraction quotient.

· Customization and personalization options are available.

Generally, all nail art brush manufacturers offer wholesalers the facility to customize their brushes according to their user requirements. That explains why they share multiple sample sets with their wholesalers. The buyers can scrutinize the samples and customize their requirements by considering the present trends and specific user requirements. For example, they can order nail art brushes with slanted ferrules that allow for comfortable nail art applications. Besides, wholesalers can personalize their products by sharing brand logos and taglines.

· Nail art brush packaging is different from that of regular makeup brushes.

Nail art brushes are slender and have more extended handles than conventional makeup brushes. In addition, the kolinsky hair used in these brushes requires special packaging to prevent exposing the bristles to moisture and humidity. So, the packaging quality of nail art brushes differs from that of regular makeup brushes. Nail art brushes are usually available in sets. Wholesale buyers should specify their packaging requirements when placing their orders. It allows nail art brush factories to act accordingly.

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Final Thoughts

Nail art brushes are expensive, especially those manufactured using kolinsky sable hair. However, buyers can customize their requirements with a healthy mix of synthetic fibers and kolinsky hair bristles. Consequently, they save on the economic front. Hence, ordering nail art brushes wholesale is beneficial to buyers. We are ready to cater to every buyer’s requirement to the best of our abilities.  

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