7 reasons why the bulk purchase of makeup brushes is beneficial to buyers

Everyone knows that ordering and purchasing makeup brushes in bulk quantities is cost-effective. However, financial benefits aside, this article discusses various aspects that buyers should note why it is advantageous to bulk purchase makeup brushes.

We shall discuss the benefits of bulk purchases to wholesale buyers and manufacturers. Let us begin with the buyer angle.

Advantages of bulk purchase of makeup brushes to buyers

The following benefits should induce buyers to make more wholesale purchases of makeup brushes.

makeup brushes in bulk consignment

Uniformity in product design and quality

Bulk purchases mean that you order your products in thousands. Generally, manufacturers stipulate a minimum of 25K or 50K brushes to qualify as bulk purchases. The most significant advantage of ordering products in bulk is that it ensures uniformity in product design and quality.

Manufacturers get the benefit of procuring their raw materials in bulk. For example, the quality of synthetic bristles in a particular batch is the same. Therefore, the end product, the makeup brushes, display uniformity in quality. Similarly, the ferrules and handles are also manufactured in bulk. Thus, the brush design remains the same for the specific batch.

The uniformity in product design and quality enables the wholesale purchaser to define a specific standard for their products. In addition, bulk purchases allow for maintaining the standard that could help retain customers in the long term.

Build a loyal customer base.

Generally, customers do not change brands if they are impressed with a specific product. Once they get accustomed to a makeup brush brand, they prefer to repeat their purchases rather than try new options. Bulk purchases enable wholesalers to maintain sufficient inventory, ensuring that the end user gets the products whenever needed. This guaranteed availability inspires confidence in the end user. So, it results in building up a solid customer base.

Besides, bulk purchases allow wholesalers the leeway to offer discounts to their end users and ensure retaining them in the long term. A satisfied customer is the perfect brand ambassador for the product to market the brand. As a result, the brand saves money in advertising costs, which automatically helps them improve the bottom line.  

Capture and Dominate the local market.

We have seen that maintaining sufficient inventory enables long-term customer retention. In addition, customers always look for brands that can cater to their demands whenever they require the products. Thus, purchasing makeup brushes in bulk allows wholesalers to capture and dominate the local market.

Maintaining sufficient inventory enables wholesale purchasers to satisfy local demands and control the demand-supply position. Besides ensuring stability in the pricing, it helps wholesale purchasers to maintain their reputation in the market.  

Stock clearance sales campaigns help wean potential customers away from other brands towards you. It enables you to get new customers and build up your loyal customer base.

Influence trends for others to follow

Market trends depend on customer usage and patronage. The more the customers use a specific brand, the better it starts trending in the market. Ordering makeup brushes in bulk enables wholesalers to cater to consumer demand better. So it helps maintain existing trends and influence new trends that others could follow and popularize.

Ordering in bulk allows wholesalers to aggressively push new makeup accessories in the market by bundling them with established product designs. As a result, it influences consumers to try new products and make them famous.

Bulk purchases enable wholesalers to have the right products in the market at the most opportune time. It also allows them to reintroduce nostalgic trends and cater to specific audiences.

An opportunity to play with numbers

Purchasing makeup brushes in bulk helps wholesalers define pricing patterns and create artificial demand to induce higher sales. In addition, bulk purchases entail maintaining higher inventory positions and allowing wholesalers to play with numbers.

For example, wholesalers can pitch in with attractive pricing to attract customers. If a specific product is usually priced at $5, bulk inventory maintenance allows wholesalers to reduce the pricing and offer it at $4.95. Though the difference is negligible at five cents, it gives customers the impression of a bargain. Hence, it attracts customers and induces a higher quantum of sales. It is also known as an anchoring tactic in marketing.

Get a preferred buyer status.

Ordering makeup brushes in bulk helps wholesalers build an excellent rapport with the manufacturers and give them the privilege of being preferred buyer. A preferred buyer status has many advantages. First, the manufacturers prefer such wholesale buyers in manufacturing and sharing the latest developments in the market.

It improves the relationship between the wholesale buyer and the manufacturer. Furthermore, it benefits the wholesaler because the manufacturer goes out of its way to cater to urgent purchases without increasing prices. After all, the manufacturer wishes to retain its valuable customers.

Environmental benefits

One of the most significant advantages of bulk purchasing makeup brushes and other products is that it involves lesser packaging. As a result, there is lower garbage creation, resulting in fewer trips to the disposal yard. Thus, it ensures less environmental damage, a significant aspect of global sustainability.

Benefits of bulk purchases to manufacturers

We have discussed how it is beneficial for wholesale buyers to purchase makeup brushes in bulk. Let us look at things from the manufacturer’s viewpoint.

  • Bulk purchases by wholesalers reduce manufacturing overheads, allowing them to offer better-quality products at reasonable prices. Thus, it improves sales performance and the manufacturer’s market reputation.
  • Bulk orders enable manufacturers to plan their production accordingly. Thus, it ensures better time management to prove beneficial in the long term.
  • Manufacturers become aware of the latest trends in the market as they customize the products according to the wholesale buyer’s specifications.

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