24-piece professional makeup brush set

Cosmetic makeup is a comprehensive procedure requiring different brushes to cater to various makeup requirements. For example, you need a separate brush for spreading the foundation and a different one for brushing your eyebrows. Similarly, you need a unique makeup brush for your lip job and a specialized tool to shape your eyelashes.

Would you like to purchase each brush individually or have your makeup kit contain an entire set of brushes to cater to every need? Of course, you will prefer the latter option. So, here is our 24-piece professional makeup brush set that offers a unique brush for every makeup procedure.

What does the 24-piece makeup brush set comprise?

24-pieces makeup brush set

The 24-piece makeup brush set is a comprehensive brush set containing foundation brushes, concealer brushes, contour brushes, eyeshadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, mascara brushes, and other brushes required for an impeccable makeup procedure. So you do not have to search for any other brush when you have this 24-piece kit.

The 24-piece professional makeup brush – The Breakup

The top makeup brush manufacturers offer this excellent makeup accessory. Queen Brush also offers an excellent product in this category that includes an entire repertoire of high-quality makeup brushes to ensure flawless makeup.

24-pieces makeup brush set wooden
  • Our 24-piece professional makeup brush set collection starts with the powder brush, perfect for spreading makeup products across your face and blending them beautifully to make you look gorgeous.
  • We offer a special liquid foundation brush for applying liquid and gel makeup products. In addition, the powder brush is ideal for applying powder makeup.
  • Besides, it has a concealer brush to hide your blemishes and highlight the positive aspects of your face.
  • The bronze brush is a perfect addition to the kit as you can apply and spread your bronzer product and get a beautiful bronzed look.
  • The contour brush is perfect for making your eyes sparkle as it helps draw the perfect lines below your eyes and enhance their beauty.
  • Our range of eye brushes is ideally suited for beautifying your eyes and making you the star attraction wherever you go. The eyelash spoolie and the mascara wand can help draw precise lines to define your eye makeup beautifully.
  • Our 24-piece professional makeup brush set contains slanted bristle brushes to provide the right finish to your makeup and enhance your overall beauty quotient to the highest degree.

The 24-piece professional makeup brush structure

Many makeup brush manufacturers offer synthetic fibers on their 24-piece professional makeup brush set. These brushes have plastic handles and plastic or metal ferrules. These brushes deliver an excellent performance. Besides, they are reasonably priced. So even if these brushes are inexpensive, they conform to all quality norms and qualify as excellent makeup tools. But the primary drawback of these inexpensive brushes is that they are not durable. The plastic handles tend to break with usage, and the bristles shed over time.

Is Queen Brush’s 24-piece professional makeup brush set different?

Queen Brush’s 24-piece professional makeup brush set is made of sterner stuff. We use BIG goat animal hair on our 24-piece professional makeup brushes. Goat hair is perfect for makeup brushes because they are soft, delicate, and highly durable. In addition, they absorb the correct quantity of makeup product and spread it uniformly across your face. As a result, goat hair is amongst the best animal hair used for manufacturing makeup brushes. The most heartening aspect of BIG goat hair is that procuring it does not require subjecting animals to any form of cruelty.

These animal hair bristles are packed tightly into aluminum ferrules and clamped perfectly to ensure no hair falls out of place even after continuous usage. Besides, aluminum is light and flexible, making it easy to mold into any shape comfortably. Therefore, depending on our customer preferences, we can include various design options and improvisations.

While many makeup brush manufacturers use plastic handles to cut costs, we use high-quality wooden handles. First, the wooden handles are best suited for makeup brushes because they provide the required sturdiness and stability to the makeup tool when you hold it in your hands. Secondly, aluminum ferrules are ideally suited for wooden handles. Finally, we glue them tightly and ensure they do not separate and render your makeup brush useless.

Quality Control and Hygiene  

We manufacture these brushes in a hygienic environment in our massive factory. While we have automation processes for different operations, we use manual labor to ensure animal hair quality. Thus, we ensure 100% quality checking. In addition, we cut the brush hair to perfect sizes so that no strand sticks out of the unit to damage your makeup.


Customization is our forte as we allow this facility to all our customers. They can study our samples and provide personalized designs if required. We undertake to satisfy their requests in the best manner possible. Besides, we offer facilities for printing brand logos and taglines on our 24-piece professional makeup brush set. Our wholesale buyers can supply their logos or emblems, allowing us to affix them on every product we manufacture and dispatch.  

Packaging and Dispatch

We pack our brushes beautifully in a specially made polyurethane case with a transparent cover, allowing consumers to view their brushes without removing them from the package. Finally, we pack our brushes in weather-proof packaging before dispatching them to our clients.

A critical point to note

Usually, we ask our customers to order their consignments in bulk, especially if they order individual brushes. However, since we offer the professional makeup brush set 24-piece as a comprehensive package, we provide the facility of procuring them in smaller quantities.

Competition Galore

Top makeup brush manufacturers like Taiki USA, Pennelli Faro, JSIU, and MyColor offer these 24-piece professional makeup brush sets. We feel proud to state that our 24-piece professional makeup brushes are at par with these products.

Call to Action

Since our makeup brushes compete with the top brands, we price them competitively. So if you want to add the professional makeup brush 24-pieces to your makeup kit, Queen Brush is the name to remember. In addition, we provide absolute customer satisfaction, as evident from our growing clientele globally.

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